We do servicing a bit differently

At bike shops all over the world (including Revolution Cycles of old), you'll find a typical service selection of basic, mid and major service. In this system, you'll normally be paying for time that you probably don't benefit from.

A standard service for quick adjustment is good, will make things feel a bit smoother, and is great for a regular check-up as the workshop will likely tell you what else may be required too.

Here's where we change things up a bit:

On top of a regular service, a massive boost to your bike is a full drivetrain clean - we strip the chain, cassette and chainrings off and give them a thorough clean in our eco-friendly bio-remdiating cleaning machine. This not only makes everything last a lot longer but it will also run more efficiently too (makes you go a bit faster for the same effort!).
Most shops won't do this, even in their 'mid' service.

Major services are not all they're cracked up to be:

Bikes up until the 1990's all had 'loose' bearings in their wheels, headset and bottom bracket, and these needed servicing - stripping, cleaning and re-greasing - to keep them running well.
There are still instances of these now (and we will gladly service these too), but nearly all reasonable bikes are fitted with 'sealed' bearings, which are essentially non-serviceable, so when a workshop advertises their 'bearing service', they are really just having a quick spin to check how free they are running, then charging extra for fitting a new sealed bearing unit if needed.

We feel this relatively quick and simple process (albeit often with specialist tools required) shouldn't be a major price hike and you should only pay for what is required.
So, our 'premium' service is considerably less cost than others as you only pay for beneficial work. We will check the bearings but then offer an add-on of a bearing change for each component, at a set fee, only if required.
This service also includes changing brake and gear cables, which is well worth doing every now and then to keep things smooth, plus a good clean.