There's not a lot we can't do (one or two things admittedly, but nobody's perfect)

From basic puncture repairs to full builds, and (nearly) everything in between - we have a quality selection of tools, and the experience that most shops can't match, to get your bike back on the road - or make it even faster, if that's your thing.

We use various components, but will only stock parts that offer great performance, great value, or ideally both.
We won't fit cheap and cheerful bearings that will likely disintegrate in no time, and we are happy to fit parts supplied by you (although we reserve the right to charge a fee for ascertaining suitability and/or removal if there is an issue with them - also remember we won't maintain warranty on these parts and will only remove and replace components free of charge if we supply them, due to our agreements with supplier warranty departments).

  • 20 British pounds
  • Book a repair and we shall be in touch to discuss details.
    Starting at £25